Easter Bunny Photos

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- You will receive one final digital photo of your image merged with our Easter Bunny and beautiful Easter set via email! 1 Photo Per Order! 1 Pose Per Order!
- Every additional person in the photo has an additional charge as it is more time consuming to edit.
- For more than 1 person, use a couch, bench, or chairs connected covered in the backdrop white sheet.
- It is important that no one is wearing white as it will blend with the backdrop sheet.
- We will try our best to make you happy, but understand this will not be the perfect photo as we can't control the lighting, quality of camera equipment you use, and overall aesthetics to make it at our professional standard work. Remember we can only work with the quality of your image. So if you send us a blurry photo you will receive a blurry photo..
- Once orders are started we do not cancel or change photos. 

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