3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Pick The Location

- Make sure there is enough space to take a head to toe photo.
- You want a place with good natural light like facing a window.
- Face the chair and subject towards the source of light or window.
- Make sure the subject is not wearing white as it will blend with the background.

Santa Photos Step 1

Step 2 - Setup

- Cover chair with white bed sheet or anything white and large enough to cover the background of the subject.
- You might need someone to stand behind the chair holding the sheet high enough so the subjects full body head to toe has a white background.

Santa Photos Step 2


Step 3 - Take The Photo

- Make sure your camera/phone is eye level with the subject and that you are standing about 5ft-10ft away to get a full head to toe image.
- Try your best to get a good photo and upload it when you make your purchase!

Santa Photos Step 3